Working Papers

The Long-Term Effects of Teachers’ Gender Stereotypes
Presented at Boston University, Bocconi University, CESifo, Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, London School of Economics, Nova School of Business and Economics, Ohio State University

Selected Work in Progress

Gender Stereotype Training Impacts on Labor Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from a Large-Scale School Program(with Chris Campos)
The Origins of Racial Discrimination in US Labor Markets: Evidence from 34 Million Vacancy Postings(with Ellora Derenoncourt)
Gender Equality Attitudes, Stereotypes and Social Desirability
Diversity by Design: School-Based Program in a Large School District(with Chris Campos)


Persistent Effects of Professional Underemployment, 2004-2014: Evolution of Underemployment among University and Technical Institutes Graduates, with Lavado, P., Yamada, G
In Yamada, G. & Lavado, P. (Eds.), Higher education and employment in Peru: A persistent gap, 157-195. Universidad del Pacífico (2017)
Higher Education Quality and Unequal Returns in Peru, with Lavado, P., Yamada, G
In Céspedes, N., Lavado, P. & Roldán, N. (Eds.), Productivity in Peru: measurement, determinants and implications, 221-249. Universidad del Pacífico Press (2016)

Pre-doctoral research